2013 CSHL Summer Course on Computational Cell Biology [ significant financial support available ] [ application deadline May 15 ]

Computational Cell Biology Summer Course
Instructors: Reka Albert, Leslie Loew & Gregory Smith
Significant financial support available
Application Deadline: May 15, 2013

Dear Colleagues,
I am writing to draw your attention to a unique opportunity for your students and postdocs.  Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is offering a hands-on summer laboratory course on Computational Cell Biology. The three week course in Computational Cell Biology will incorporate a series of didactic lectures on the mathematics of dynamical systems, computational simulation techniques, cell biology and molecular biology. Practicing theoreticians and experimentalists will rotate in for 1-3 day visits during the course to give lectures and interact with the students. Midway through the course, students will select an area for independent study, and the focus of the last week of the course will largely be on these projects, supplemented by continued visiting lecturers.
I encourage you to let your students know about this course and invite them to apply.  This year, thanks to generous support from National Science Foundation, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory can provide significant financial support towards the tuition and room & board for domestic applicants.  Applications are still being accepted but should be received no later than May 15. Requests for financial support should be received in writing by that date also. We plan to make selection and financial aid decisions shortly thereafter.


Gregory D. Smith
Director, Biomath Initiative
Neuroscience Program Faculty Affiliate
Associate Professor
Department of Applied Science
The College of William & Mary
P.S. Please take a moment and forward the following announcement to students and colleagues who might be interested.

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