Student project meetings & updates

In the title of your student project post (and below), you will see that you have been assigned a project consultant.

Please meet with your consultant today or Wednesday. This is a good opportunity to make sure you are on track, obtain perspective on a model that you are developing, get help implementing a model in a particular software package, etc.


Investigation of Traveling Waves in the Belousov-Zhabotinskii (BZ) Reaction, Jasmin Imran Alsous, Megan Matthews

Noisy gene expression resulting from G-Quadruplexes – Bharat Ravi


Mathematical model of autophagy activation pathway – Eric Yang

The circadian rhythm and its robustness – Wai Shing Lee


Parameter optimisation for a model of AMPK-mediated survival signalling – Niamh Connolly

Post transcriptional regulation in metabolic transition in E.coli, Manon Morin, Sepideh Dolatshahi

Modeling cell cycle re-entry and differentiation – Tim van Mourik


Dynamics and transcription [Qingyang Ding]

Incoherente Feedforward loop for cell cycle reentry [Alicia Grande]


CGG RNA affects granule assembly, translation and calcium transients – Rene Norman

VE-cadherin dynamics – Nazila Daneshjou

Microtubules and Cdc42 dynamics – Illyce Suarez


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