Posting Your Final Project Presentations

There are two (2) different steps to posting your final project presentations.

1. Write an ~200 work abstract that summarizes your project.  You can use the text of your project proposal post as a starting point, but don’t edit the project proposal, make a new post.

Use the format “Final Project: NAME1 NAME2 – PROJECT TITLE” as the title of the post, e.g.,

Final Project: Greg Smith – SimPlateRace v1.0 🙂

Don’t take more than 3o minutes to write your abstract.  It need not be comprehensive, but please write it well enough that I can copy and paste it into the annual report that goes to the NSF program officers.

2. Upload your final project presentation slides (e.g., .ppt and/or .pdf) to the FTP server (in the folder FinalProjectPresentations).  Make the title of the file informative (e.g., the first and last names of the presenters).   You can upload changes until the last second, but get a draft on the FTP server by midnight tonight.

Presentations are tomorrow after lunch.  Don’t stress too much.  Have fun!

Note: if anything you have done here makes it into a publication please mention the “2013 CSHL Computational Cell Biology Course” in the Acknowledgements section.  And send me an email with the paper attached!



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