Remember to return library books

Hi guys,

I am listing the names we have on the record for the books that are out. One book has no name on the record. Please return the books as soon as possible or let me (Sajiya) know if you find the missing book. Thank you.

Nazilla: Random walks in biology (c.1), Learning Matlab, A guide to XPPAUT, Computational cell biology

Mariam: Calcium signaling, Nonlinear dynamics and chaos

Wei: A guide to XPPAUT, Mathematical foundation of neuroscience, Physical biology of the cell.

Niamh: Computational cell biology, A primer of mathematical models in biology.

Sepideh: Stability, instability and chaos; Systems modeling in cellular biology.

Illyce: Biochemical oscillations and cellular rhythms.

Bharat: Elements of applied bifurcation theory, Stochastic modeling for systems biology.

[unknown]: Computational modeling of gene regulatory networks – a primer.


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