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Arcadio Rubio, Project presentation

Project presentation


Arcadio Rubio, Project Proposal

Project proposal

Arcadio Rubio, Student Project Idea

My project will attempt to model a large signaling network, and then investigate the effects of deleterious mutations on its dynamical behavior. The ultimate goal is to show that different sets of mutations can lead to the same disruptive effects. This phenomenon is typical of complex diseases.

Candidate signaling networks and mutation sets include those presented in the Tumor Sequencing Project (lung adenocarcinoma) or The Cancer Genome Atlas (glioblastoma multiforme).

Due to the lack of detailed kinetic details, signaling pathways will be initially represented using Boolean dynamic networks. If time and data allows, I will try to evolve models towards more continuous formalisms, such as piecewise linear systems.

I am open to collaboration with anybody interested in this topic.

Arcadio Rubio, Research Interests

Link to presentation

Arcadio Rubio García, Technical University of Denmark