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2012 Pics

Hi all!

I put together the collection of photos that Marion took during our trip, they can be downloaded directly from the below link; for whatever reason I couldn’t see the link so posted just the address, you need to cut and paste. You do not have to sign-up for anything, click the blue box with arrow that says “Click here to start download from sendspace”. There are several ads, don’t download iLivid! If you have any troubles please let me know asap.


Get the pics here —->


Final Project Presentation


Allan Ropski, Project proposal


Allan Ropski, Student

My project will investigate insulin secretion from an islet, in relation to its varying architectures, sizes and distributions of alpha-, beta-, and delta-cells. Control mechanisms to be modeled include 1) glucagon-producing alpha-cells as a promoter of both beta and delta cells and 2) somatostatin-producing delta-cells as a repressor of both beta and alpha cells.

Allan Ropski: Research Interest


Allan Ropski, University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Transplant Surgery