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Lulu Chu & Chenhong Zhu, Project Presentation



Lulu Chu & Chenhong Zhu, Project Proposal



Lulu Chu & Chenhong Zhu, Student Project

We will investigate 1) how Ca2+ buffers/fluorescent indicators impact the Ca2+ dynamics/Ca2+ oscillations and analyze the phase plane/bifurcation. 2) how Ca propagation is influenced by Ca2+ buffers.

Futa’s Birthday and London Olympics! (July 27th)

Anyone interested in getting together and grabbing a beer or something at the bar in blackford after 9:30 or 10pm tonight? (To celebrate Futa’s 21st birthday (tomorrow) and he can finally drink legally!!) Also, the olympic games started today woohoo! 🙂

Lulu Chu, Research Interests


Lulu Chu, Johns Hopkins University, MD