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VCell software link is here!

Hey guys,

I noticed some of you don’t have the correct version of VCELL installed. To make everybody has the same installation go to and download Beta Version – VCell 5.1 (2011-11-11).


Marc Fink, Research Interests


James Keener, University of Utah “Cardiac models”

No handouts yet.

John Tyson, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University “Regulation of the cell cycle”

Lecture Materials.

Jeff Hasty, University of California at San Diego “Gene networks and synthetic biology”

Lecture slides.

James Lechleiter, University of Texas at San Antonio “The Biology of Calcium Signaling”

Lecture Materials.

David Terman, The Ohio State University “Dynamical Systems”

Lecture Materials.

Suzanne Scarlata, Stony Brook University “G-protein signaling; Experimental methods”

No handouts yet.

VCELL Exercise paper is here!

VCell intro + compartmental – CSHL12

CSHL VCell Intro Exercises 2012

Eric Cytrynbaum, University of British Colombia “Michaelis Menten enzyme kinetics; Polymerization and Force Generation”

Lecture Materials