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Marion Betizeau, Project presentation



Change of Schedule for this afternoon: 2nd part of Avi Ma’ayan’s Lecture will be at 4pm

Marion Betizeau & Arijit Maitra, Project Proposal


T-shirt Design

We already have a couple of ideas, one of them is to link the design with the olympic games. We could meet briefly tonight before the evening session and start to put together our ideas, let say 6.40pm. By the way is anyone good at drawing?


Marion Betizeau & Arijit Maitra, Student Project ideas

We will investigate how a neural stem cell makes the decision of becoming a neuron during development by studying the Notch signaling pathway. Effectors of the Notch pathway have been shown to oscillate in neural stem cells and to become stable as cells become neurons (Shimojo et al. Neuron 2008). We want to model this phenomenon using dynamical systems and bifurcation theory.

Marion Betizeau, Research Interests


Marion Bétizeau, Inserm Lyon